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Up and Down for Par: Chipping & Putting Drill

Up and Down for Par: Chipping & Putting Drill

The up and down for par chipping putting drill is super important to learning how to save your score when you miss a green in regulation. Missing the green on your approach shot will force you to rely on your chipping skills to get the next shot close to the hole so you can still get up and down to save par.

Having practiced this golf short game drill for hundreds of hours over several years I can attribute it as one of the best chipping / putting golf drills that helped me become a scratch golfer. It improved my short game the most and it simulates real scenarios to give you experience so nothing phases you out on the golf course!

How to Complete the Up and Down Chipping Putting Drill:

Start off by going to the golf course and finding the practice green area where you can work on chipping and putting. The green should have multiple holes on it.

Drop a golf ball on the ground in the rough somewhere just off the green.

Pick a hole to start with and set up to your chip shot. Focus in and do your best to hit a great chip shot to that hole, trying to get as close as possible.

Next, grab your putter and walk over to your ball on the practice green. Set up for the putt like normal and try to hole it.

If you successfully chip and putt the ball into the hole in just 2 strokes, you completed a successful up and down.

Now move to the next hole on the green and repeat this drill, chipping once, then trying to make the one-putt.

The goal is to move around the green, going “Around the world” and complete an up and down successfully at every hole.

This will work on different distances as well as train you how to land the ball on different lines to account for the slope and break of the green that will impact how the ball rolls to the hole when chipping.

You’ll also get to work on putts from different distances so you feel confident when you leave chips short and face tougher 5-10 foot putts.

However, the goal should be to chip the ball within a few feet of the hole so you don’t have long putts left to complete the up and down chipping drill.

Try this golf drill out and add it to your practice routine. For more golf practice routines, check out these practice plans we created.

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