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Understanding Low Point Control to Strike the Golf Ball Better

Low Point Control for Better Golf Ball Striking

The first golf fundamental that you must understand as a golfer is that the club travels at an angle down to the ground and then it returns back up away from the ground in a shape that looks like an arc.  As the golfer, our job is to be able to control where the lowest point of the arc happens.

If you swing too steep, where the angle of attack comes into the golf ball at a steep angle, this can lead to problems. And if you have too shallow of a golf swing, this can also be a problem.

Mastering the correct swing plane is key to your success and ball striking as a golfer.

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How to Control Low Point Golf Swing Video

Here is a video lesson explaining how to improve your low point control in the golf swing.

Why Controlling the Low Point is Important

On most shots, golfers need to drive the center of mass (COM) of the club head, below the COM of the golf ball which allows it to get airborne.

Most of the time, we hear the phrase to “hit down on the ball.”

I’m not a big fan of a phrase that says to definitively do something with your swing because it may allow you to hit one shot on the range, but it doesn’t allow you to have versatility and creativity on the ever changing conditions of the golf course.

What I like to think is control the low point of the swing, so that if you were to make a practice swing and I asked you to strike the club to hit a specific spot on the ground, you’d be able to do it with ease.  Then in the course of a series of swings, we’d be able to switch the swing around to see if we can get the low point to happen at different points.

Once we can control the low point without a ball, then we would hit a shot and define exactly where the low point should happen for a solidly struck airborne shot.

On shots where the ball is resting on the ground, we’d want the low point to happen just beyond the golf ball so we can ensure striking the ball first and then the ground second, but again, the club begins to travel up after the low point occurs.

On the driver, the low point actually happens before the ball, because with the ball on the tee we actually are looking to strike the ball with the club on the upswing.

Controlling the low point is a skill that players at the highest level do with such ease, that it goes over looked when trying to understand what those players do so well. It is a golf fundamental that needs to be rock solid if we hope to continue to grow as a player and improve our scores in the fastest way possible.

So when you head out to the range next time, start paying attention to low point, and watch your consistency level rise.

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