strokes gained putting explained

Understanding Strokes Gained Putting

What is Strokes Gained Putting?

If you watch golf on TV or perhaps the Golf Channel, you’ll hear them talk frequently about strokes gained putting when discussing the performance of different PGA Tour players in tournaments each week.

Here is a great video explaining what this “strokes gained putting” term even means so you can apply it to your own golf game and begin improving your putting skills to lower your stat.

How to Improve Your Putting Stroke

One of the best ways to increase your putts gained (strokes gained) is to practice your putting stroke. Go back to the fundamentals of golf and work on mastering a simple, straight putting stroke.

Starting with putting stroke path, practice keeping the putter straight back and straight forward if you use mallet or face balanced putters.

For toe weighted putters you may be better off trying the arcing putting stroke. But if you like the straight back and straight forward putting stroke motion, consider switching golf putter equipment to a mallet style putter to meet the needs for this putting stroke.

Here is the best, simple golf putting drill to work on putting stroke and increase your strokes gained statistic in future rounds of golf.

Additional Putting & Short Game Drills

Want More Golf Putting Tips and Drills

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