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Stop Coming Over the Top Golf Swing Drill

How to Stop Coming Over the Top in Your Golf Swing

The main cause of an over the top golf swing is turning your upper body to chop down at the ball from outside to inside. This creates the slice spin on the golf ball that results in a banana slice we all dread.

Watch this video on the 5 tips that work for how to fix your slice.

After you play enough golf, you’ll get sick of hitting a slice. Having a slice golf swing is frustrating seeing the ball curve right time and time again, missing fairways and severe slices end up out of bounds.

It’s time to fix the slice. The slice is a result of the over the top motion with the upper body.

Here are two videos showing you how to proper turn your body on the downswing to fix your over the top golf swing.

Over the Top Golf Fix #1: Michael Breed

Michael Breed is a top golf instructor, often doing segments on the Golf Channel to teach players how to correct fundamentals in their golf swing and chipping / putting.

Take these tips in his video below to correct your over the top golf swing.

Over the Top Fix #2: Martin Hall

Martin Hall is another great teacher and instructor on the Golf Channel. Here are Martin’s best tips for fixing the slice and correcting the over the top golf swing move.

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