jordan spieth putting drill

Jordan Spieth’s Putting Drill to Hole More Putts

Jordan Spieth Putting Drill to Make More Putts

Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters on the PGA Tour and is well known for making some ridiculous putts. Having risen his way up the rankings to one of the best golfer’s in the world, I think there is a lot we can learn from Spieth regarding putting.

Putting is so important to your success on a golf course and makes up a large percentage of your score. It’s one of the fastest ways you can start reducing your scores without needing to change your golf swing or hitting farther drives. Focus on putting. It makes a difference!

Here is the challenging but fun golf putting drill that Jordan Spieth practices. Add it to your golf practice routine.

How to Perform the Jordan Spieth Putting Drill:

  1. Find a flat putt on the practice green
  2. Measure a putt that is 5 feet away from the hole
  3. Lay down an alignment stick on the outside of your putting stroke path
  4. Make putting strokes focusing on keeping the path straight back straight through if you have a face balanced putter
  5. Make putting strokes focusing on keeping the proper arc if you’re using a toe-weighted putter

You’ll be able to noticed if the putter crosses over the alignment rod during this putting drill, so it serves as a visual aid too helping you work on your putting stroke fundamentals.

Aim to putt 20-50 reps during this putting drill each day for several weeks and months to build a consistent putting stroke like Jordan Spieth.

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