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Indoor Golf Practice Routine + Drills for at Home Practice

How to Improve Your Golf Game Indoors from Home

One of the struggles of life is finding enough time to fit everything into your schedule each week. Between your career, school, family time, and activities with friends it can be difficult trying to squeeze in time to also improve your golf game.

Today’s post will share several ways to improve your golf game from indoors in the comfort of your home.

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Indoor Golf Practice Plan

Indoor Golf Swing Drills

Up first in the indoor golf practice plan is your golf swing. I recommend finding a mirror in your home that you can practice some slow motion swings in front of to check different positions during the takeaway and downswing.

You should also step outside into the yard and make some full speed swings without a golf ball.

Work on feel and tempo to get in sync mentally with the feeling of your golf swing. It’s amazing what your mind can do when it’s no longer focused solely on the golf ball.

Here are 3 main things to focus your time on:

  • Use a mirror to check diff positions
  • Work on no ball drills to feel the body turn, hip turn, tempo
  • Swing a weighted golf club to build strength and swing speed

Golf Strength Training

You also want to spend time at home working on your golf fitness by doing strength training and golf specific exercises. Here are a few reasons why strength training is important for golfers:

  • Avoid injury
  • Build muscle
  • Add more stability to your swing
  • Add distance to your clubs
  • Better fitness & endurance on the course feeling less fatigued during the round

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Visit a Nearby Indoor Driving Range

If it’s winter or you live nearby an indoor driving range, I suggest stopping by a few times a month to keep your body loose and swing mechanics fluid.

Long periods of layoff (like the winter months) can reverse progress you spend all spring and summer making on your golf game. Here is what to focus on at the indoor driving range:

  • Focus on swing mechanics
  • Keep the muscles working
  • Focus more on line than distance

Indoor Golf Hitting Net

Perhaps you have a spacious basement or extra space in the garage that could become home to a golf hitting net. In the summer time you can take it out into the yard as well to avoid damaging your house.

I also recommend buying a hitting mat with fake turf on it and a rubber tee so you can make real swings hitting a ball into the practice net. Here are the things to focus on to improve:

  • Work on solid contact
  • Keep the muscles working
  • Tuned into feeling how everything works
  • Work on the back swing
  • Video yourself

Golf Simulator

Another good way to work on your golf game indoors is by using a golf simulator. This is a more pricey option but is definitely worth it if you plan on using it often or to host parties with friends. Here are a few benefits to using a golf simulator:

  • Keeps the rust away
  • Shows you your swing tendencies
  • It’s fun
  • Buying your own vs renting one for an hour

Check out this golf simulator I recommend

Experiment with new clubs

When you’re away from the golf course and not focused on playing a competitive round, it’s a great time to experiment with other golf clubs. The winter is best for this especially since you have Christmas and/or other holidays to receive new clubs as a gift (aka someone else’s budget).

You also get a few months to get used to them while you’re layed off due to inclement weather conditions and there isn’t a huge transition lag in your scores when you go out and play live come spring.

Where do you experiment with new golf clubs? Just stop by your local golf fitting store like Dick’s Sporting Goods or a golf pro shop. You may also find some courses in your area hold demo days where companies bring a bunch of new clubs to show off and let golfers test out on the driving range.

Putting Indoors at Home

Putting is definitely a must have in your indoor golf practice routine. It can be as simple as working on your putting stroke for 10 minutes a day during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show or get more complicated like building your own indoor putting green. There are also some golf training aids you can purchase to help your putting skills while sitting at home each night. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Build your own indoor putting green
  • Use a golf simulator
  • Place tape on ground parallel to each other and work on putter path staying straight back, straight through
  • Putt to a red solo cup laying on it’s side
  • Putt to a coin on the ground

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You also need to spend some time practicing chipping so you build a strong short game that doesn’t give up unwanted strokes during your round of golf. Here are a few ways to work on your chipping skills indoors:

  • Chip to a folded up towel to work on distance control with the goal being to  hit the towel
  • Work on hitting low trajectory, medium trajectory, and high trajectory chip shots
  • Focus on ball striking contact

Final Words..

While today’s post was all about tips and drills to perform as part of your indoor golf training program, we also have some step by step practice plans to follow at the physical golf course itself. Just show up to the practice green and driving range to complete these practice plans and in several weeks you will notice your scores improving.

Each plan comes with worksheets to track your results during practice as well as skill improvement worksheets to monitor your FIR, GIR, Putts Per Round, Scrambling, Club Distances, and other statistics you need to be keeping track of if you want to seriously improve your golf game.

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