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How to Hit the Driver Longer

How to Hit the Driver Longer

Are you lacking distance off the tee? Do you wish you could unlock an extra 10-15 yards and hit your driver longer? Start with these golf swing tips in today’s video and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

Golf Swing Power Tips

Hitting the golf ball with more power is a dream for most golfers. And it’s totally doable. If you’ve been having doubts about gaining distance on the golf course, get rid of those doubts. Start believing in yourself that if you make a few swing changes, you too can start hitting farther golf shots.

Here’s a 10 golf swing tips breakdown to learn what causes longer golf drives…

10 Ways to Hit the Golf Ball Further

Here are the main reasons you’re not hitting the ball as far as you’d like. Once you start implementing these 10 tips into your golf swing you should start hitting your drives further.

  1. Tee the ball higher
  2. Get fitted on a launch monitor
  3. Increase your driver’s loft
  4. Change your golf ball
  5. Invest in new irons
  6. Choose a straighter club off the tee
  7. Find a lower spinning driver
  8. Invest in the right golf shoes
  9. Fix your club swing path
  10. Replace your old grips

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