stop chunking fat chip shots

How to Eliminate Fat Chip Shots in Golf

How to Eliminate Fat Chip Shots in Golf

Do you struggle with fat chip shots? Also known as the “chipping yips” or chunking the wedge? If so then this golf instruction video is for you. Nick shares his technique he uses to eliminate the fat chip shot that greatly improves your ball striking and helps you gain control over your chip shots.

Chipping tips video recap:

Keep ball position more to the middle or back of your stance to help promote a downward strike. We don’t want to lift up on chip shots. This is a cause of the yips when you lift up and fail to commit to the downward strike needed for crisp chip shots.

Feet should be about shoulder width apart to give a stable base to chip from so you don’t get off balance. Falling off balance can result in poor chipping contact with the golf ball.

Shift a little bit more weight forward onto your front leg. This will help the body stay quiet and not sway during the chipping motion to ensure proper chipping contact.

Lastly commit. Don’t be afraid to hit a chip shot. The chipping yips occur partly due to your mental confidence. When you are hesitant and don’t commit, you pull up or quit on the chip shot and cause the yips chipping error.

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