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Golf Practice Drill #22 – The Towel Contact Swing Drill

Golf Practice Drill #22 – The Towel Contact Swing Drill

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Towel Swing Contact Drill.

What Does This Golf Swing Drill Practice?

This golf practice drill will let you know if you are making contact behind the golf ball during the golf swing. One of the most common problems golfers face in the golf swing, is chunking the ground behind the golf ball.

If you notice your divots are starting back behind the golf ball, you are probably guilty of bottoming out the swing behind the golf ball, leading to poor ball striking and chunked golf shots.

This golf swing drill will help you correct your ball striking and move the bottom out point more forward so you can strike ball first, then make a crisp divot after the ball, avoiding the chunked golf shot entirely!

How to Set Up the Towel Golf Swing Contact Drill

For this golf swing practice drill, you will need a small hand towel, your golf ball, and a golf club to practice swings with.

Start by setting your golf ball down on the ground on the driving range.

Next, place the towel on the ground so it’s laid out flat on the ground and an inch or so behind the golf ball.

Set your club down behind the golf ball in the gap between the ball and the start of the towel. If your golf club is sitting on top of the towel, you have the towel too close to the ball. Move it back a little more to create some space (but not too much).

How to Perform the Towel Ball Striking Golf Drill

Set up to your golf ball as if you’re going to hit the golf shot out into the driving range.

Make your normal backswing to get to the top of the backswing position. As you start the downswing, be aware that the towel is there behind your ball and do your best to bring the club back down to the golf ball without hitting the towel.

If you hit the towel that is laying flat on the ground, you’ll get instant feedback that your golf swing is bottoming out behind the ball rather than at the golf ball.

This leads to chunks and poor contact.

We need to get the club striking ball first. Practice, Practice, Practice. Go through a large bucket of range balls working on striking the golf ball better with the towel to serve as an object to avoid. It will help train you to swing down to the ball instead of the ground behind the ball.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better ball striker and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for video lessons, swing tips, and more golf drills. If you struggle with the golf swing, our YouTube channel is full of helpful swing lessons.

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