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Golf Practice Drill #25 – The Headcover Drill (Fix Your Swing)

Golf Practice Drill #25 – The Headcover Drill

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Headcover Drill.

What this Golf Swing Drill Aims to Achieve

One of the common faults many beginners make in the golf swing is coming over the top on the down swing. This golf swing motion happens when the golf club is brought over the top and heads down to the golf ball, coming from the outside.

It usually results in an outside to inside swing path and the outcome of the golf shot is a nasty pulled golf shot or slice if the club face is left open relative to this swing path.

The Headcover Golf Swing Drill is a fix for this outside to inside swing path motion. You’ll be setting a golf driver headcover on the ground back behind the golf ball and to the outside.

This headcover will serve as an obstacle blocking the outside to inside path. If you don’t adjust your swing path coming down to the golf ball, you will strike the headcover with your club during the downswing.

It’s a great golf swing drill to train you to reroute your swing path from the inside and to stop coming over the top, bringing the club down from the outside.

How to Setup this Golf Swing Practice Drill

Grab your headcover off of your driver, a golf ball, and your 7 iron to start.

Set the golf ball on the ground where you would want to set up normally to hit the golf shot from on the driving range.

Now place the headcover on the ground behind the ball and move it towards the outside area, leaving room for the club to come straight into the golf ball from straight behind, but blocking the path if the club comes from outside.

Make a few practice swings in slow motion to get a feel for bringing the club back down to the ball on the downswing on a straight or inside path and avoid the headcover.

Work your way up to full swing speeds until you’re able to swing without coming over the top, hitting the club headcover.

This golf swing change will feel weird as you learn how to reroute your swing path but it will be a much better quality swing and help stop your slices and pulled left golf shots from the old outside to inside path.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better player and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for video lessons, swing tips, and more golf drills.

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