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Golf Practice Drill #29 – Short Medium Long Chipping

Golf Practice Drill #29 – Short Medium Long Chipping

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Short Medium Long Chipping Drill.

How to Complete this Golf Chipping Practice Drill

Short Medium Long Chipping gets its name because you will be hitting 3 different chip shots to a short distance hole, a medium distance hole, and a long distance hole.

This will train your chipping distance control so you feel confident hitting chip shots to all areas of the green, whether the flag stick is sitting close by, near the middle, or on the opposite far side of the green during your golf round.

It also mixes things up each chip shot so you’re not hitting the same chip over and over to the same hole.

Learn the Proper Chipping Setup First

What to Do for this Chipping Drill

Start by picking out a location in the rough a few yards off the green to set 9 golf balls down on the ground.

From this spot, you’ll be hitting chip shots onto the green.

Now look onto the practice green at your local golf course and pick out a hole that is close to you (short distance away), a hole that is near the middle of the green (medium distance) and a hole farther away on the opposite side of the green (long distance).

You’ll hit one chip shot to the short hole, then one chip shot to the medium hole and then one chip shot to the long distance hole on the green.

Chipping these 3 balls, short medium long, completes 1 set of this chipping drill.

The goal with each chip shot is to get the ball to end up within one putter’s length of the hole you are chipping to. You’ll need to identify about where the ball needs to land so it can finish rolling and end up close to the cup for an easy makeable putt.

To save time, we are using 9 golf balls so you can complete 3 sets before walking onto the practice green to collect your golf balls.

Never hit multiple shots in a row to the same hole for this golf practice drill. Always alternate, hitting one to the short, medium, and long distance holes.

After hitting all 9 balls, see how well you did. How many golf balls out of 9 made it within one putter length of the hole you were trying to chip to. Lay down the putter to measure and check to see if the ball was within close distance of the hole, leaving a makeable par saving putt.

Each chip that ends up inside 3 feet (one putter length) can score you a point.

Do a total of 90 chips (10 sets of 9 balls) and see how many points you can score out of 90. If you’re short on time go to 45 (5 sets of 9).

Variation of this Golf Chipping Drill

Long Medium Short

Instead of chipping to the short, then medium, then long distance hole in that order, you can mix up this chipping drill by hitting chip shots in reverse. The first chip shot to the long distance hole, then the medium hole, and then the short hole.

Random Alternating Distances

You can also vary this golf practice drill by alternating randomly. Maybe you chip to the middle hole first and then you chip to the short hole next and then finish the set hitting the 3rd golf ball to the long distance hole.

3 in a Row

You can also add pressure to yourself. To complete a successful set of short medium long which would allow you to move locations you chip from in the rough, you must first get all 3 chips in a row inside one putter length of the hole you are chipping to.

This means the short chip, medium chip, and long chip all must finish inside one putter length in the same set, hence 3 in a row.

If the short and medium range chips get close to the hole but then you leave the long distance chip 8 feet away from the hole (outside the one putter length) then you fail and have to restart.

Continue hitting chips to these same holes from the same location in the rough until you get all 3 close to the hole in a row. Then pick up and move to a different spot to change the distances to each holeĀ  and from a new angle.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better chipper and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Short game practice is key to lower golf scores.

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