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Golf Practice Drill #27 – Ruler Putting Drill

Golf Practice Drill #27 – Ruler Putting Drill

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Ruler Putting Drill.

What this Putting Practice Drills Aims to Work On

The Ruler Putting Drill is a golf drill that aims to help you hit straight putts off the face of the putter. Most beginners struggle to keep the putter face straight during the stroke and this results in putts going left and right of the intended line.

Since a ruler is a straight device, it can be a great training aid for you to monitor if your putts are staying straight off the face.

How to Setup the Ruler Drill – Golf Putting 101

Find a 12inch long, flat ruler. Ideally, if you can find the paper version at a local craft store, this will work even better than the plastic ones that are raised up off the ground.

Once you have a flat surfaced ruler, set it on the ground.

Place a golf ball on top of the ruler, and centered.

Setup to the putt like normal, placing your putter behind the ball.

Make a putting stroke, trying to control the face to hit the putt straight.

If you are successful, the putt should roll straight along the ruler and then come off the ruler at the very end.

If the putt isn’t hit with a straight putting stroke, the ball may fall off the side of the ruler too early before it makes it to the end.

You can move the ball further back on the ruler as you get more comfortable until you’re at the edge of the ruler to start. Now your putts will have to roll the entire 12 inches, staying straight, to not fall off the sides of the ruler.

Variation of the Ruler Putting Drill

A variation of this golf practice drill is to use a yard stick! Now you have to hit the putt an entire 3 feet, and keep it dead straight the entire time, which will test your putting stroke and train you how to hit putts with a straight path and straight face at impact.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better putter and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for video lessons, swing tips, and more golf drills.

And check out our golf practice plans to follow step by step.

Here is an additional drill called the Tee Drill to work on hitting straight putts.