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Golf Practice Drill #26 – Bullseye Chipping Drill

Golf Practice Drill #26 – Bullseye Chipping Drill

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Bullseye Chipping Drill.

How to Setup this Golf Chipping Practice Drill

The bullseye chipping drill gets it’s name because the goal is to hit the bullseye of a target. In this case, the target is a circle zone you pick out on the green where you want to land the chip.

The bullseye is the center of that circle landing zone.

To setup this chipping practice drill, lay out a wash cloth on the green in the exact spot you wish to land the golf ball on your chip shot. Hitting this spot (now being marked by the wash cloth) would create the perfect chip that lands and then rolls out the right distance to the hole.

However, for this chipping drill we won’t be concerned with the actual roll out of the ball since the wash cloth will affect it.

Next, set up a circle around the wash cloth by using ball markers. Tees can work as well if you don’t have ball markers.

The circle should be about 2 feet in diameter so the bullseye center is a one foot radius.

An easy way to measure where to put the ball marker is use your shoe. Measure one foot step away from the wash cloth to set the ball marker.

Now you should have a circle of ball markers centered around a wash cloth as the bullseye.

This golf practice drill is easy to setup at home in your living room to practice chipping distance control from home.

How to Complete the Golf Chipping Drill

Start off easy by picking a close distance, such as 5 feet, to chip from to the target circle.

Measure off 5 feet and set down some golf balls (sets of 10).

Hit all 10 balls at the circle zone you created on the ground with ball markers.

If they land inside the circle zone, give yourself 1 point.

If they land exactly on the wash cloth (bullseye), give yourself 3 points.

Record your score after 10 chip shots and see how you fare.

Repeat this drill until you can score 20 or more points out of 30. A perfect score of 30 indicates you hit all 10 chip shots onto the bullseye, scoring 3 points x 10 shots for 30 total points.

Once you get over 20 points total, move the distance back another 5 feet.

Now you’ll hit chips from 10 feet away from the landing target zone until you can score 20 points or more.

Then move back to 15 feet away. Then 20 feet, and so on. Continue this drill as long as you wish.

If you can get to where you’re 15-30 yards away from the green and still hitting shots inside the circle, onto the bullseye, you’ll be chipping like a pro!

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better short game player and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for video lessons, swing tips, and more golf drills.

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