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Golf Practice Drill #24 – Bring It Back Putting Drill

Golf Practice Drill #24 – Bring It Back Putting Drill

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call The Bring It Back Putting Drill.

How to Setup this Golf Putting Drill

Get started by grabbing your putter and a golf ball. Find a hole on the practice green to putt to.

Drop the ball on the green a decently far distance away from the hole (at least 15 feet or farther) so you don’t have a great chance of making the first putt.

Next, go through your normal pre-shot routine analyzing the putt for speed and reading the green for break.

Set up to the putt, take a final look at the hole, then look back at your ball and stroke the putt.

The goal is to get the golf ball to go into the hole so you make the putt. But since we are putting from long range away from the hole, the odds of making the putt are lower which brings up part 2 of this drill.

If the putt misses, measure one putter length backwards away from the hole and move the ball back one putter length.

See why we call this the Bring It Back putting drill now?

Repeat this process 50 times so you get lots of practice putting from different long distances, trying to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.

For made 1-putts, give yourself 3 points (birdies).

For 2-putts (pars) give yourself 2 points.

For 3-putts (bogies) subtract 1 point.

Keep score and see how you score out after 10, 20, 50 putts depending on how long you have to perform this putting practice drill.

What this Golf Practice Drill Aims to Achieve

The Bring It Back Putting Drill gets its name because we will be hitting a putt from farther than where it finished initially. We move the ball backwards a putter length once it comes to rest after the first initial putt, to add additional distance to the second putt.

The purpose is to build your skills in multiple areas:

(1) You will be under pressure to get the first putt as close to the hole, or even make the putt so you don’t have to worry about the second putt being from very far away

This trains you to put focus on the first putt and do your best so you can make an easier second putt for yourself. This will help you reduce 3 putts which are common among high handicap golfers.

(2) You will get lots of practice on short putts from 3 to 8 feet from the hole which will give you confidence on the golf course when you face these longer “short putts” and need to sink them to save par.

(3) Keeping score helps make this putting drill more fun and also add pressure since 3 putting would result in subtracting points, hurting your overall score. This again, helps you focus more and reduce your 3 putting.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better putter and helping you lower your golf scores overall. Be sure to follow our YouTube Channel for video lessons, swing tips, and more golf drills.

And check out our golf practice plans to follow step by step.

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