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Golf Practice Drill #30 – 500 Made Putts from 5 Feet

Golf Practice Drill #30 – 500 Made Putts from 5 Feet

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Okay, now let’s get into today’s golf practice drill which we call the 500 made putts from 5 feet golf drill.

Why Practice this Golf Putting Drill?

We created this golf drill to help you quickly improve your putting from the 5 foot distance mark away from the hole. This distance is super vital to your success on the golf course and helping lower your golf scores.

Think about how many putts you face during your 18 hole golf round that are 5 feet or closer to the hole. Now think about how many of those putts you typically miss each round. These are extra strokes that could be saved on your scorecard, lowering your score overall substantially!

The 500 made putts aspect, shows that you mean business. In golf, making 500 putts is comparable to basketball practice where Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would get up 500 or 1,000 jump shots.

This volume golf practice enables you to improve your skills much faster than randomly hitting putts for 20 minutes with no real purpose.

Volume golf practice will help train you quickly at one thing so you build muscle memory from all the repetitions over and over.

500 made putts sounds like a lot and it is. This golf drill might take you a few hours to complete. But at the end of the putting drill, you’ll feel much improved at putting from 5 feet and have way more confidence when standing over close putts.

If you’re short on time, try to make 250 putts from 5 feet today and then another 250 putts tomorrow. This back to back days of practicing putting at 5 feet will reinforce the muscle memory and skill building.

Or split it up so you’re making 500 putts from 5 feet over multiple practices each week. Don’t end the week without finishing all 500 makes.

How to Setup this Golf Practice Putting Drill

Start off by selecting a hole on the practice green to putt at.

Pick one side of the hole and measure out 5 feet away from it. Mark this distance with a tee or ball marker in the ground

Set down a set of 10 golf balls to help you get more putts in faster than using just one ball for all 500 made putts.

Hit all 10 putts, keeping track of how many you make. Putts that come up short, move out of the way so you have a clear path to the cup for the next putt. If 10 balls gets too crowded, move down to sets of 5 balls.

If you get good at making putts from 5 feet, not all 10 balls will fit in the cup so you may have to remove some from the hole as it fills up to make room for the remaining putts you have left.

Each practice, change the hole you putt to and the type of break / slope so you get practice from different angles. If one practice you had a putt that was slightly breaking left, find a new putt another day with break to the right instead.

Golf Putting Drill Example:

You decide to work on left to right breaking putts today from 5 feet. You set down your golf balls at your marked 5 foot distance spot and hit 10 putts. You make 5 of them. You write down 5 in your notes app on your phone or keep track in your head.

You grab all your balls from around the hole and bring them back to the marker. You then complete set 2, hitting 10 more putts to the hole from 5 feet away. You make 6 this time. Now your at 11 made putts total after two sets.

Repeat this until you get to 100 made putts. Now you’re out of time today so you write down that you made 100 putts.

Come back tomorrow, and make another 100. Repeat this 5 days in a row to complete the 500 made putts with left to right break.

At this point you’re now making 7 putts or 8 putts out of 10 during each set instead of 5 out of 10. You feel happy with the improvement and much more confident at 5 feet and closer.

Overall, this golf practice drill is effective at making you a better putter and helping you lower your golf scores overall.

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