golf chipping drill distance control

Golf Chipping Drill to Control Distance

Control Your Chipping Distance with this Golf Drill

One of the hardest parts of the short game in golf is distance control with your chip shots. Landing the ball at the right spot on the green allows it enough time to release and roll up close to the hole. Then all you have to do is knock in a close putt to finish off your par, birdie, or bogey save.

To help you with your chipping distance control, check out this short video that teaches a super fun golf chipping drill that will challenge you and improve your short game.

How to Perform this Golf Chipping Drill

In this golf chipping drill, you’re going to be attempting to dunk the golf ball into the hole. This will train your distance control with your wedges and also helps your alignment skills as well because if you don’t hit the ball straight, you’ll never dunk it in the hole.

Set up with 10 golf balls from either the fringe or a spot in the rough that you’d like to practice from. Pick a hole on the putting green that is nearest to you and perform 50 to 100 reps seeing how many balls you can dunk.

Then move to a hole further away to work on your mid range distance control. Complete 50 to 100 reps at this chipping distance as well.

Finally, find a hole on the practice green that is even further away from you to continue extending your range and build up long distance control skills with your wedges.

After completing this chipping drill you’ll be hitting straighter chip shots that are on line and you’ll feel more control at landing the golf ball the proper distance you desire to make the chip shot a success.

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