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  • golf swing weight transfer tips

Golf Swing Weight Shift Transfer Made Easy

February 20th, 2018|Comments Off on Golf Swing Weight Shift Transfer Made Easy

Golf Swing Weight Shift Transfer Made Easy Golf Swing Weight Transfer Tips Recap: Don't stay stacked on your forward leg during the back swing Video tape your golf swing so you can analyze it and [...]

  • bomb your golf drives 300 yards

How to Bomb Your Driver 300 Yards

November 30th, 2017|Comments Off on How to Bomb Your Driver 300 Yards

How to Bomb Your Driver 300 Yards Related Golf Articles: How to Hit a Draw Golf Swing How to Hit a Fade Golf Swing Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing How to Break 70 [...]

  • golf swing lag drill

Best Golf Swing Lag Drill

November 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on Best Golf Swing Lag Drill

Best Golf Swing Lag Drill to Generate Clubhead Speed Golf Swing Lag Tips Recap: Start off performing a short back swing but finish the follow through all the way through Use the lower body to [...]

The Best Putting Training Program

golf putting lessons

How frustrating is it to get on the green in regulation only to 3 putt and walk away frustrated at your stupid bogey you just made. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you find yourself facing uncomfortable par saving putts from within 10 feet of the hole that you miss more times than you make.

Or perhaps it isn’t about distance but rather it’s your putting stroke fundamentals. Maybe you struggle to keep the putting stroke straight, with good tempo, and the right amount of power.

If any of these issues above are hurting your golf scores on the putting green then this course is definitely for you.

We will show you how to quickly build the skills that separate amateurs from the professionals on the putting green.

You’ll find lessons covering technique, practice drills, milestones and statistics you should aim for, and much more. We even share our thoughts on the best putters and golf balls if you feel having the right equipment will help you.

If you’re ready to start scoring lower golf scores, winning tournaments, and feeling confident on the putting greens, then let’s get started!

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